Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am currently reading "A Year in the World" by Frances Mayes. You may have heard of her from her book made into movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun: At home in Italy". This current book is more of a travelog than a fictional work with a plot. This really has no constructed plot so I'm half tempted to stop reading it because it's not that interesting. However, what is interesting is that she is fascinated by the writer, Colette*. In Frances' book she quotes Colette's musing about wine. It's sheer poetry. Here's what the French writer had to say about wine:

"The vine and the wine it produces are two great mysteries. Alone in the vegetable kingdom, the vine makes the true savor of the earth intelligible to man. With what fidelity it makes the translation! It senses, then expresses, in its clusters of fruit the secrets of the soil. The flint, through the vine, tells us that it is living, fusible, a giver of nourishment. Only in wine does the ungrateful chalk pour out its golden tears. A vine, transported across mountains and over seas, will struggle to keep its personality, and sometimes triumphs over the powerful chemistries of the mineral world..."

And I just like the taste.

Remember Imbibe and Enjoy!

Colette was born Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, but she always wrote under the name "Colette."


  1. i loved that movie !!!! you are gay, and away !!!! have you read any of the peter mayle books. they are very funny.

  2. of course. They're classic. I've read them all.